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PFP8-102 ProFlash PC 8 Glow White

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Product Description

The PFP8-102 has a white blade with white glow tape on top and embossed silver tape on the bottom, and features a built-in water activated light which turns on when it contacts the water, and turns off when dry.  It’s unique circuits flash red, white and green on both sides of the flasher.  The sealed battery lasts 80 hours or more and then the light can be easily replaced.

This eight inch flasher has a diagonal kicker fin on the rear of the back.  This gives it an erratic kicking and spinning action which attracts more salmon or other species.  It can be fished successfully down to speeds of one mph. This flasher also comes equipped with the electronic EChip, and Pro-Troll's unmatched Super Spin stainless swivels on both ends.

Note: lighted flashers and glow flashers are most effective in dim light (early morning) or in cloudy water or when fishing deep (where it's dark).

The action of the ProFlash PC8 flashers is amazing.  It spins in an erratic circle while kicking from side to side at the same time.  It gives great action to a bait or hoochie behind it.  The use of this flasher is slowly displacing a lot of eleven inch flashers.  It is easy to handle and can be coupled on short leaders (some fishermen use as short as 30 inches front and back).  It also has much less drag than an 11 inch flasher.  For rigging instructions, go to the main Pro-Troll website www.ProTroll.com and click on flasher rigging.



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