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Black Box, Accessories and Book

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The Pro-Troll Black Box regulates the electric charge on your downrigger cable.  Whenever you put a boat in the water a natural electric charge is generated around the boat.  The different metals on the boat react in the water and a weak battery is created.  Your downrigger cable picks up this charge.  If it is too high or two low, fish will be repelled away from the boat.  With a Black Box you can dial in the correct charge for each species.  With the correct charge, fish will swim right to your cable and you will have a much better chance of catching them.  The Pro-Troll Black Box hooks into your boat power and a contact sleeve is run to each downrigger cable.  If you are not using downriggers you can install the Pro-Troll transom mount and accomplish the same thing.        

  • 1500 Black Box Kit
    $179.95 1500 Black Box Kit
    The Pro-Troll Electronic Black Box works with a downrigger and attracts fish to your boat.  The Kit includes a Black Box, mounting bracket, wiring harness kit to connect the Black Box to up to two downriggers, and the...

  • 1504 Black Box Contact Sleeves (2)
    $11.95 1504 Black Box Contact Sleeves (2)
    Extra set of contact sleeves for use with the Pro-Troll Black Box. Pack of two.The Pro-Troll Black Box comes with two contact sleeves which will operate two downriggers.  Contact sleeves are mounted on the...

  • 1505 Black Box Transom Mount Kit
    $22.25 1505 Black Box Transom Mount Kit
    The Black Box Transom Kit consists of a piece of downrigger cable that can be mounted across the transom of a boat.  It allows boats without downriggers to use the Pro-Troll Black Box to attract fish.  The...

  • 1506 Black Box Technology Book
    $10.95 1506 Black Box Technology Book
    This book explains the electrical field that surrounds every boat and explains how to change it from repelling fish to attracting them. A simple test is described to see if your boat is attracting or repelling fish. "Hot"...

  • 1509 Extra Black Box Wire Harness Kit
    $21.35 1509 Extra Black Box Wire Harness Kit
    The #1509 is an extra complete wiring kit for the Black Box. Please Note: if your Black Box is more than 5 years old, you may need an earlier model plug - contact Pro-Troll at mail@protroll.com to determine which plug you...

  • 1510 Black Box Mounting Bracket
    $4.95 1510 Black Box Mounting Bracket
    The Black Box Mounting Bracket permanently mounts on the boat and the Black Box fits into it.  One of these comes with each Black Box.  This additional socket allows the Black Box to be moved to another boat...

  • 3004 Downrigger Fishing Techniques Book
    $13.25 3004 Downrigger Fishing Techniques Book
    The most comprehensive and widely read downrigger book ever assembled. Explains how to choose a downrigger, how to set it up and how to catch more fish with it.Author Dick Pool designed and developed downriggers for over 20...

  • 3006 How to Catch Salmon
    $12.85 3006 How to Catch Salmon
    Dick Pool has spent many years researching salmon techniques. He is best known for his work using an underwater TV camera. He produced two movies showing salmon techniques to thousands of salmon fishermen. “Salmon...