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PFP6-109 ProFlash PF 6 Flasher - UV Plaid Chartreuse

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Product Description

The PFP6-109 Flasher is a six inch flasher with spin blades on the back.  It is a super ultraviolet blade with plaid tape on top and a chartreuse stripe down the middle, and features a built-in water activated light which turns on when it contacts the water, and turns off when dry.  It’s unique circuits flash red, white and green on both sides of the flasher.  The sealed battery lasts 80 hours or more and then the light can be easily replaced. 

It can be used in two ways.  Many fishermen use it snapped directly to a drop sinker release with a conventional six foot leader behind it to a bait or lure.  The violent spinning action pulls salmon or other predators to the bait.  It can also be used as a conventional flasher tied at the end of a leader with a bait, hoochie or lure on a leader behind the flasher.  In this instance, the flasher both spins and vibrates attracting fish.
The PFP6-109 has some additional strong fish catching advantages.  Its Pro-Troll exclusive Super UV blade shows extra bright in the water.  The plaid tape reflects very well in attracting fish.  The flasher also comes with premium ProTroll stainless ball bearing swivels on both ends and the electronic EChip is mounted on the bottom near the rear of the flasher. 

Note: lighted flashers and glow flashers are most effective in dim light (early morning) or in cloudy water or when fishing deep (where it's dark).

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