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HC8-904 HotChip 8" Flasher Red with Silver Embossed Tape Both Sides

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Product Description

The 8 inch HotChip flashers are fish catching leaders in the different types of flashers.  They are probably used in more applications that any other flasher series.  They are a trolling device that attract salmon with vibration from their kicking and spinning action. They are attached to your fishing line and then a bait, lure or hoochie is tied between 24 to 48 inches behind the flasher.  This tail leader length is the most important rigging feature in catching salmon,  See flasher rigging techniques at www.protroll.com The flasher can be dropped to depth using a downrigger, a diver or a lead weight.  Typical trolling speeds are 2.0 to 3.0 MPH    
The red flasher with silver embossed tape on both sides is one of the top ten best sellers of all the Hotchip flashers.  Red is a very good salmon color.  On some days red will be your top producer.  On other days green, chartreuse, blue, white or chrome might be better.  A rule of thumb is match your flasher to the color of the water.  If the water is green try a green flasher.  If it is brown use red.  Blue use blue etc.  When trolling very deep (over 100 feet down) where it is dark use a glow or a white flasher.  On clear bright days when you are trolling shallow use subdued colors instead of chrome or other bright finishes that will scare the salmon.  Day in and day out this red is generally a very good salmon producer.  You won't miss with one of these in your tackle box. 

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