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StingFish Lures Size 10


Pro-Troll makes 2 sizes of StingFish lures in over 20 finishes.  The SF-10 is 3" long.  These lures are ideal in situations where you want a lot of action at slow speeds.  They are used extensively for salmon in the rivers trolled or back trolled just off the bottom.  They are also excellent when slow trolling for laketrout and large rainbows.  Features the patented EChip, and contains a ball bearing rattle.

  • SF10-383 Chrome Chartreuse Ends
    $7.65 $0.99 SF10-383 Chrome Chartreuse Ends
    The #383 Chrome Chartreuse Ends Stingfish is a chrome based body with a bright chartreuse top and bottom bill. This lure along with the #363 Chartrteuse ends is one of the top salmon killers. It is one of the top...

  • SF10-421 Super UV Sparkle
    $0.99 SF10-421 Super UV Sparkle
    The #421 Super UV Sparkle Stingfish is a Super UV body with UV sparkle on nose and top. The photo shows both sides of the lure.  All Stingfish lures have some unique features.  They have an extra rigid body capable...